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Dry Auto

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Auto Desiccant

Dry Auto Desiccant

Auto Desiccant

Dry Auto desiccant is used for moisture-proof and mildew-proof of auto parts.


To solve the problem of fogging of the auto lights, TOPSORB provides a perfect solution. Dry Auto Desiccant can effectively adsorb humidity in auto lights, control “Dew Doint” and create a dry environment inside the lighting system, preventing the condensation and fogging phenomenon.
1、Air-conditioning systems: Used for drying various automobile air conditioners
2、Light system: Remove moisture in headlights
3、Brake system: Used for drying brake system
4、Auto Tyre: Used for anti-rust of steel cord to avoid accidents


Bentonite clay’s main chemical component is montmorillonite, which is scalelike and with the color of white, grey, buff, pink, purple etc. It is a natural non-metallic sedimentary or volcanic mineral. Some are with porous structure, some are hard and brickle, some are soft and satiny. The simplest chemical molecular formula of montmorillonite is Al2O3•4SiO2•3H2O, theoretically, it consists of SiO2(66.7%)、Al2O3(25.3%)、H2O(5%). However, its factual component is much more complicated. Montmorillonite produced at different places is quite different in its components.


Auto Desiccant

Absorption Capacity

The bentonite clay we use as absorbent has more than 95% montmorillonite in purity, much higher than other clay desiccant products at home and abroad. Its adsorption reaches 18%~20% at 40%RH


Absolute safety and 100% environmental friendliness;
Non-toxic and non-rusy, containing no any resolvable material
Produced according to the standards of DIN55473 and MIL-D-3464E
Good breathability, excellent resistance to dust and easy heat-seal


Product Picture

  • 5g Auto Desiccant


  • 10g Auto Desiccant


  • 15g Auto Desiccant


  • 25g Auto Desiccant


  • 50g Auto Desiccant




Dry Auto desiccant is widely used in Auto parts ,precision machinery, instrument, electric and metal products and war-industry products etc


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