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Mineral Desiccant is an effective means of moisture proof, can absorb moisture from the air, usually used in a sealed environment to reduce the humidity of the packaging, and prevent the product from moisture damage.

How Mineral Desiccant works

It works by absorbing water molecules into their own structure in a physical way, or after absorbing water molecules, it changes its own chemical structure and becomes another kind of material.

Topsorb mineral desiccant sachets are non-toxic, non-corrosive, environmental friendly, without any negative effects, DMF free. It has varies of specifications.

Packaging weight:

Mini Dry: 3g, 5g, 10g, 20g, 30g, mainly used for sealed package of products, such as PE bag, aluminum foil bag, anti-static bag, boxes, etc.

Close Dry: 50g, 100g, 200g, 250g, mainly used mainly in sealed package of cartons, wooden cases, containers, etc.

Mini Dry, Close Dry Absorbent

Active Mineral: Low cost, fast performance, high adsorption capacity, non-toxic, tasteless, non- corrosive, and pollution-free.

Clay: 100% nature, low cost, good performance in low humidity environment (at <30%RH, such as the vacuum package of PCB circuit board).


absorbent active clay desiccant
Clay Desiccant Active Mineral Silica Gel
Absorbent  Color Appearance Adsorption capacity  Performance Dust  Application Cost
Active Mineral Gray Round regular particles ≤50%


High adsorption Dust-free

In various packaging of export products

Clay Desiccant Purple/ white Irregular particles ≤18% Good adsorption at low humidity A little dust No Cl-, electronic &metal products Low
Silica Gel White /transparent  Round regular particles ≤22% Good adsorption in mid-humidity Dust-free In various product packaging High

Packaging Materials

non-woven tyvek packaging
Non-Woven Tyvek Complex Paper
Package Material Features Intensity Air Permeability Anti-dust Heat Sealing Cost
Tyvek Smooth surface, with a touch sense of transparent filamentous fibers


Excellent Good Excellent Good High
Non-Woven surface roughness, clear sense of fiber Good Good Common Common Medium
Complex Paper Smooth surface, paper-like Not good Good Common Not goodn Low


TOPSORB mineral desiccants, Mini Dry, Close Dry are widely used in electronics, machinery, fabricated metal products, glass, chemical biology, medicine, optical instruments, pet products, food packaging and military products etc. It is always equipped in the shipping containers to prevent the cargo from moisture damage during ocean voyage.

application of mineral desiccant


application of active clayE-brochure_of Mini Dry,Close Dry

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