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Bentonite Clay(Pure)

Bentonite Clay is used as the absorbent of clay desiccant, which is widely used in machinery parts, precise instruments, electric and metal products and military-industries products etc. It is known as a green product due to its absolute safety and 100% environmental friendliness. It is non-toxic and non-rusty, containing no any additive and calcium chloride. It can be regenerated for repeated use at low temperature without deterioration.

TopSorb is the leading supplier of high quality bentonite clay, based on powerful and deep background in Inner Mongolia.
TopSorb provides 3 types of bentonite clay as follows,

Technical data

Type A: over 18% adsorption capacity

Type B: 17%~18% adsorption capacity

Type C: 16%~17% adsorption capacity

(Remarks: at 40%RH, 25 degree)

Particle size: 0.5~1.5mm, 1~3mm, 1~4mm, 0.5~4mm etc.

Color: purple, purple/white, white, grey, pink

Moisture content: less than 1%~1.5%

Bulk Density: 950~980g/l

bentonite clay
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Particle size: 1~4mm
clay desiccant
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Particle size: 0.5~1.5mm

Packaging and Loading

Two available packages: 25kg woven bag and 1000kg flexible container bag.

shipment of desiccant clay
1000kg loading
loading of bulk clay
25kg bag palletized loading
25kg bag loose loading

Product Information

To obtain the details, please download the PDF files as follows



Adsorption Capacity and Adsorption Rate

SGS Adsorption Capacity Test Report

SGS Heavy_Metal Test Report





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